June 27, 2008

Cool Tools:FilmTools

Professional equipment for filmakers can sometimes be hard to find outside of Hollywood. Now there’s FilmTools, an online shop for filmmakers.

FilmTools is an online shop that offers grip, electrical, lighting, sound and video supplies. The equipment is top-notch and even the big studios purchase equipment from the company. That being said, the equipment can be quite expensive. A standard apple box will cost you about $30 and a director’s chair will cost you $100. Obviously lighting equipment and sound equipment will end up costing a lot more.

The site divides the equipment up by department: camera department, grip department, electrical department, lighting department, and sound department. For example, the camera department sells everything from lenses to camera shoulder supports. And the electrical department sells everything from cables to power generators.

In addition to the film equipment that is available for sale on their site, FilmTools also offers a book and DVD section where you can browse titles that improve your skills in film. Titles include The Complete Film Production Handbook and Documentary Storytelling for Video and Filmmakers.

FilmTools has been online since 1994 and it’s the only store dedicated to supporting the Motion Picture Camera Department. For those that are located in Los Angeles, they also operate a retail store where you can walk in and purchase. If you’re looking to find hard-to-find equipment FilmTools is a great place for you to start your search.