June 6, 2008

Cool Tools: Aviary

A look in the birdcage…

Aviary was created by creatives for creatives – a perfect complement, we think, for our members. So named because its products all refer to birds, Aviary offers an online suite of creative applications. Imagine having access to tools as powerful as Adobe’s Creative Suite at your disposal – at a fraction of the cost. Aviary’s products include an image editor, a vector editor, a video editor, a painting simulator, and a 3D modeler.

The complete applications suite interacts seamlessly, allowing a designer to import swatch from its painting simulator into its image editor, while doing complex bitmap processing of a 3D object developed in Hummingbird. Further more, Aviary offers collaborative tools and a marketplace where finished products can be offered for sale. The company’s blog, features an impressive gallery of renderings and showpieces. Our particular favorite is the unzipping kitten.

Aviary is a private subsidiary of Worth1000, LLC, based in New York. The company is currently in beta and planning to launch in June.

Black Turtle Media members are invited to beta test Aviary’s products. The first 25 members to sign up at will receive early bird invitations.

Keep an eye on our site for upcoming information about Aviary’s launch and a new contest!


Randy Marsh said...

Count me in ! :-)

Chile said...

nice, I am in like chicken pot pie!

Dario said...

How do I sign up? :-)