June 23, 2008

Cool Tools:

Need to create a document? Want to create one that stands out from the crowd? Check out Creative Docs; their free software may be just what you’re looking for.

Creative Docs is a vector-based graphic design tool. It can be used to create documents, manuals, posters, illustrations, schemas, plans, and more. The software is along the lines of Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. But since Creative Docs is free, the software isn’t nearly as powerful as the for-purchase software.

That being said, Creative Docs does offer some features that are usually reserved for commercial software - you can draw text along a curved path, merge shapes, and convert text into curves and color gradients. Some other uses of Creative Docs include creating optical illusions, drawing flow charts and writing manuals. Finished documents and graphics can be saved in image formats or as a PDF documents.

The software is co-developed by Epsitec SA, a 30-year-old Swiss company that is famous for learning software, and OPaC bright ideas, a Microsoft Certified Partner. Other software that the two companies developed have included Virtual Pen, which is pretty self-explanatory, and AutoWall, a wallpaper changer.

There is other software similar to Creative Docs available on the internet such as Inkscape but Creative Docs appears to be the strongest. The downside of the free powerful software is that there are restrictions that limit the commercial use of the product. To use the software, just head to and download. You don’t need to pay anything but you can give a donation if you feel so inclined.