November 27, 2007

Exposure on Myspace and Facebook

Social networking sites are used to stay in contact with friends but with a little effort they can also help expose creative work.

A networking feature on Myspace can be accessed in the profile editor. Once users select a network such as advertising, or film, they can message and connect with others in the network including prominent professionals.

Myspace videos works like Youtube but it also links videos to user profiles so viewers can message and network with video creators. Users can also highlight their work by using the bulletin feature to announce the creation of their Black Turtle Media portfolio and the blog feature to provide a permanent link to it.

On Facebook, users can join groups such as Creative Advertising (which has more than 5,000 members). Group pages have a discussion forum, a picture gallery, and a video reel. The tagging feature in Facebook allows users to select friends to be notified when they post a picture, video, or message. Tagging is a great tool to use when posting work.

Increasing exposure on existing social networks such as Myspace and Facebook only takes a small amount of time and can yield big results for professional networking.

Creative Networking

It’s a unique time for creative individuals. In the era of user-generated content, advertising agencies can find themselves out of touch with their targeted audiences. They need people who are highly culturally competent to develop effective advertising for them. Black Turtle Media gives creative individuals a chance to display their work and gives advertisers a resource of talented advertisers, filmmakers, and more.

At Black Turtle Media, creative individuals can show off their skills in two ways: contests and portfolios. Contests give users the chance to develop effective ad campaigns for particular products such as the iPhone or Halo 3. Portfolios give them the chance to showcase the work (print and videos) they’ve done in the past and to highlight their particular style.

Combining social networking with professional development, Black Turtle Media aims to create a community of creative individuals and to get them working with professional agencies.