January 18, 2008

Cool Tools: AdCracker

Check out this site:

According to the site, AdCracker is “an interactive tool for Creative Directors, Copywriters, Art Directors - and all those who create, sell or teach persuasive communications.”

The site is chock full of interesting advice and articles for free though some premium content can be accessed with a subscription.

Some of the interesting features on the website include a listing of the top 10 ads worldwide, a listing of 42 ad techniques, and a number of ad tools including articles that help explain concepts in advertising such as creative briefs, branding, direct, and positioning, strategy, and theory. I like their “Brand as a Person” article which reviews how Apple and IBM have approached anthropomorphizing their brands (think Apple’s Mac and PC characters driven commercials).

AdCracker offers a nice overview of the processes and concepts that professional advertisers use in an everyday work environment. For aspiring advertisers, the website is useful for becoming acquainted with terms and concepts relevant to the advertising business.