April 7, 2008

Ilona and John Merritt Win Big in Portfolio Competition

The portfolio review challenge ended up being a challenge for judges. Our judges had a difficult time determining the winners for the competition due to a large number of outstanding portfolios.

In the end it was Ilona, a graphic designer from Lithuania, who demonstrated both excellence and versatility in her portfolio, who will be walking away with the $1,000 first prize. John Merritt was awarded second prize and will be receiving $500 for his technically skilled and creatively ambitious portfolio.

In addition to our winners we would also like to recognize our finalists who all came very close to capturing the prizes themselves. Both the winners and the finalists were voted on by an expert panel of judges that consisted of award-winning advertisers, published authors, and distinguished professors.

Congratulations again to our winners and finalists! Keep your eyes open for future contest announcements and keep perfecting your creative skills!

You can check out the full list of winners Here