April 18, 2008

Cool Tools: MyFonts

You work hard to get the right colors for your design, the right words to convey your message, and the right material and media to send that message – so why skimp on how that message is going to be viewed? Fonts complete the picture! Using the right font can strengthen and bolster your message while the wrong font can make it bland, boring or otherwise uninspiring.

Picking the right font is a key attribute that can make your project typical – or transcendent. Take a look at

Most basic word processing and design programs come with built-in font libraries featuring standard serif and sans serif fonts. But MyFonts gives you access to an additional 59,532 fonts. The fonts are available for preview and purchase on the site and prices range from free to $60.

One of the site’s cool features is the font finder, which allows you to upload a font you like to the site for identification and purchase. Another useful tool is the font preview which allows you to see how your words will appear in that font.

MyFonts was one of the first font sites to emerge on the web when it appeared in 1999. Though there are plenty of sites on the internet offering fonts, MyFonts stands above the rest because of its ease of use and intuitive site design. Check it out next time you’re looking for a font.