August 29, 2008

Cool Tools: Digital Photography Review

Deciding on a camera to purchase can be a daunting task. The types of cameras out there are numerous and the plethora of features available for them are intimidating. And then there are the questions of performance, reliability, and compatibility. If only you had a really smart friend that could tell you all this information. Well now you do, sort of. Digital Photography Review is a website that has in-depth reviews of nearly every major camera.

Heading to the site’s homepage, you’ll be provided with the latest updates to the site which include reviews of the newest camera models by the most familiar brands. In addition the new reviews listed, there are also news items relating to digital photography that give you early word on key features being implanted into future cameras.

If you know what camera you want, you can head to the archive of reviews and look it up by brand name. If you have no idea what you’re doing then there is a handy buying guide which lets you choose your preferences on things such as format, pixels, flash, and storage types. Enter various attributes and you will get matches which you can then compare against each other. It’s a helpful tool if you know which attributes in a camera you absolutely need and you know attributes that you don’t.

The discussion form at DPR is kind of a big deal. The forum is a thriving and vibrant community of photography professionals and amateurs who like to talk about all things photography. In addition to learning about the brands, the forum can also teach you about various aspects of photography production.

If you’re looking to purchase new equipment, DPR is a great place to start your research.